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make money from home

Friday, January 2, 2009 - - 2 Comments

Basically I am not going to find you crooked methods of making money from home.
This is not my style. Sure, I have advised you about all possible methods of making cash by listening to the radio, but it's pretty pennies.
If you intend on really working from home, I have some solutions for you. And by my ideas (it's not methods! when someone says he has a method of making money, you are getting scammed!) - you can even make more money working from home, than your usual daily job.
Some people like to sell dreams, while I think it's better to sell off inspiration. So let me tell you this, I have not become "sultan rich" from working from home, but I have not worked as hard as I did on the "outside' and managed to save more money at the end of each month.

Let's make one thing clear now. To make money from home, you have to have some skills. If you are reading this blog, it is probable you have attained most of the necessary skills. You have to be a little tech-related. If you're a programmer, that's great and would raise your salary. If you are a designer, even if not a professional one, good, it will help you have more variety to your job. If you speak fluent English, can use the Google for a little resourcing work and can put out decent outcome - then you fit my potential. Even if your English is not at a mother-tongue level, it is still possible you perform easy tasks.

Here are the possible "work from home jobs" you can fetch pretty easily using DP forums

Blogger - write some example blogs and tell people you can write blogs in order to promote them. You will be paid 3$ a post (avg.) which is 250 words. When you are skilled this could mean $3 for a 10-15 minute job. A word of advice would be to avoid laziness and actually learn abit about the subject you will cover in that post.

Small tech related tasks like uploading wordpress, finding themes, uploading files to ftp etc. - You will probably get a very low payment for those kind of jobs that require very little skill, but they are very quick to perform and some can be made while working on another task (like uploading files to ftp's).

Create your own blog network - create a mixture of blogs hosted on a bloghost (like this one), some that has their own domains etc. - and start a little promotion for all the blogs.
This could be a 2-3 months tasks to get your blogs a little promoted with some unique content (most will be sucked through an RSS feed of larger sites), learn about quick and free ways of promoting them and you can get them to be pagerank >0 .
Once you have 10, 30, 100 blogs you can make a good living just by promoting them and selling advertisment.

Content writing - most definitively not an easy market to get into, but you can get a good advantage over others if you really put some effort into your writing. Try to make yourself an expert in very certain areas, by actually learning them before writing about them. That way you would be able to demand higher rates as well (when you will be familiar, start off at the same rate as everyone '2c for a word).

Design - I think the design part is the most lacking one they have at DP forums. Most designers there who take part at the contests section (where one can offer a task and other propose their ideas - whoever his idea applied receives the award), are extremely poor. Seems like they can actually propose their design to each contest that is being held, is the fact they have templates they alter according to needs. I'd say that a unique designer who knows what he is doing, and starting everything from scratch - each design start with a blank page... will get private massages offering jobs very soon. Obviously, don't even try to learn how to design using Ebooks etc. - it's either you have or you just don't.

I hope you will start making money from home like I do.
Have fun.